2021 San Diego

Message from the AAMP President Regarding the AAMP 2021 Meeting

Dear Academy Members,

I trust this finds everyone doing well. With such a focus on our patients, families, and our practices, we have much to be thankful for. As we live in tumultuous times, the centering thought we have brings us back to the mission of our Academy. This includes the way that we interact under the circumstances with each other. Although I certainly miss the camaraderie and collegial nature of our meetings, I am encumbered to follow through with safety precautions and allow the function of our Academy to be viable for years to come. Through discussions from the board of directors, officers, and consideration from our membership survey, we have decided to make the upcoming October annual meeting virtual. 

This certainly comes with a degree of hope that our succeeding meetings can take place by attendance live time. Our program planning committee is making current strides to ensure meeting content is available to you virtually similar to offerings as last year. I trust you all remain safe and healthy and wish you a great summer ahead.

Thomas J. Salinas, DDS

President, American Academy of Maxillofacial Prosthetics